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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 27: Be Glorified

It is so humbling to think that what started out as a belly ache over 4300 calories, and a heartache over Zambians and their single bowl of nshima, has morphed its way into Day 27 of this thing called Pick Five, where I sit right now, in a life-pause holding pattern, developing my mind and heart, and eating an apple-spinach popsicle. (Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.) I would so love to take credit for the 736 views and the 193 absolute unique visitors to Pick Five and the dozens of people who have told me personally that this is making a change in their lives. But the reality is, this is way bigger than me. I am just riding this wave and letting the barrel roll over me. All I did was paddle out when I saw a big one coming.

There are these moments in life that present themselves, and you have the unique opportunity to make a difference. Not so that you can feel better. Not so that you can contribute. Not even so that someone else might benefit. But so that God can say, "I did that." And we can say, "Yes you did. Thanks."

God, the God of the Universe, the God of time, space, and eternity, is here in the now. He is present with us right now. And in order to pick up the waves he's spinning out there every day, we've got to paddle out. We've got to make ourselves available. We've got to say, "Send me, God. I'll do it."

Being a part of this experience has opened my eyes to small joys, to small sacrifices, to small betterments of which I can also take part. I have revived an old song I used to sing in Sunday school. I taught it to my kids. It is a simple song, and yet it's simple message is a prayer, a request, a reminder to us that we ought to be seeking not our own glory or accolades (we will always fail to deliver the goods) but the fame and notoriety for the One who sets it all into motion. Singing the message out loud sets our minds on course for the day; it lays out the readiness carpet, that we might walk in it.

In my life, Lord, be glorified. Be glorified. In my life, Lord, be glorified today.
In my work, Lord, be glorified. Be glorified. In my work, Lord, be glorified today.
In my school, Lord, be glorified. Be glorified. In my school, Lord, be glorified today.
In my words, Lord, be glorified. Be glorified. In my words, Lord, be glorified today.

For those of us less traditional, there's this.

(Updates: still doing fine, hair's starting to look better.)

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