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Friday, July 31, 2009

Pick Five

And so it begins. When I wake tomorrow, I shall endeavor to eat five simple foods for 40 days. Brown rice, edamame, spinach, almonds and apples. I have chosen the foods for their nutritional value, versatility, and taste. I will drink only water.

The inception of Pick Five was a few weeks ago, when I became suddenly and painfully aware of the abundance I have, and my inability to understand its value. Not only had I taken for granted that my plate was always full, but had forgotten to consider those who dream of such comfort.

Pick Five is a simplification. It is not a fast. It is not a diet. It is not a craze. It is an exercise in living simply, seeking God and His purposes, considering and caring for others, and sharing the lessons I learn with my family and friends. I hope you take the journey with me.

PS: Did you see that picture? I should be so lucky to eat at such a banquet.

PPS: So sorry that tomorrow is a sabbath, although I think it most appropriate. You'll have to wait until Day Two to hear from me!

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