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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Days 36&37: It's Not About the Food

Yeah, right.

This is like Leonard Nimoy's book "I Am Not Spock," or Lance Armstrong's "It's Not About The Bike." (Nimoy wrote a follow up book 20 years later. The title: "I Am Spock." I guess he changed his mind.)

But, really, it's not about the food.

I know I talked a lot about what I ate, what I was going through with food. Pick Five is, by it's own definition, about food. Pick five what? Pick five foods to eat.

But it's not about the food.

Mostly, it has been a lesson in discipline. A lesson in leaning on the Lord. Looking back at some of my posts that I wrote before I started, I realized the Lord had accomplished some serious work with me.
I wanted to care more, and I do.
I wanted to appreciate, and I do.
I wanted to be motivated to help, and I am.
I wanted the Lord to work some stuff out in me, and He has/is.
I wanted to simplify life, and it's getting there.

All of it is from the Lord. All of it.

And besides the coffee, I honestly have not thought past day 40. (Okay, fine. I considered a bowl of oatmeal. I miss breakfast!) But if I were to plan all the things I'm going to eat, and start to make my list, I would be right back to my Veruca Salt self. I'm pretty sure that I'll keep it simple for a while. I want to. I'll cook what I have at hand, and I'll eat what is put in front of me. And I'll try not to go to the grocery store when I'm hungry.

With only three days left, I want to give God my all. I don't want to neglect what He's trying to say because I'm too busy dreaming of cookies or cheese or a fully-loaded baked potato. (Thanks, Greg. Now I can't get that potato out of my head. Except Greg purposefully spells it "potata". This was #2 on my friend's husband's proposed Pick Five list. Right between steak and beer.)

It's not about the food.

I'm hoping that if I keep saying that, I can squeeze out the small-but-obstinate minority vote in me that's still obsessing about the food. There's much bigger issues on the table, after all.

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