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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 39: The Totals

Recipe for Pick Five. Over the last 39 days, I have eaten:
  • 18 pounds of almonds
  • 89 apples
  • 10 pounds rice (uncooked weight)
  • 14 pounds edamame
  • 52 cups spinach
  • 14.5 teaspoons salt
  • 16.25 gallons of water
(I think the apples have it. Although, I don't know. 52 cups of spinach is a heck of a lot. And 14 pounds edamame... don't get me started.)

Temptations. During the course of Pick Five, I made (for various occasions):
14 custom cakes
10 dozen cookies (including ginger-molasses, chocolate chip, oatmeal cranberry and peanut butter)
3 dozen brownies
I think this is the busiest cake/cookie season I've ever had. Nary a finger licked. I hope you never have to watch cookie dough wash off your fingers into the sink. It's not for the faint of heart.

Appetite for edamame.
12 pounds.
Half my head of hair (though that stopped when I started eating more spinach and almonds. It was an iron deficiency. Getting thicker already. Thank you for your prayers and concern.)
A few pieces of my "self" that weren't going to make it through the 40 days.

Appreciation, empathy, humility (am I allowed to say that? I guess so.), sobriety, simplicity, preparedness.

And tomorrow, I will give you some parting thoughts. But that's enough to digest for today. (Hardy har har.)

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